Male Halloween Pennant. These dragonflies are fairly common around ponds, lakes, and wetlands. 

Besides Cedar Bog, other locations where I have seen Painted Skimmers include Cox Arboretum, Oakes Quarry, Caesar Creek Wildlife Area, Beavercreek Wildlife Area, Pearl's Fen, Buck Creek, and the bike path near Travertine Fen (the fen itself is not accessible without a permit). 

This is a teneral Painted Skimmer photographed at Oakes Quarry on June 22, 2018. Painted Skimmers have an early flight period, and they fly primarily in May and June in our area. There might be complex migration patterns at work with this species, but more research needs to be done on the topic.  

Female Halloween Pennants are yellowish rather than orange. 

Halloween Pennants like to perch atop grass stems and let their wings flutter in the breeze. 

This gorgeous dragonfly is a Painted Skimmer. Cedar Bog has a good population of Painted Skimmers. This species is also partially migratory, and in a favorable year, Painted Skimmers can turn up in many locations. Their preferred habitat is shallow wetlands and shallow ponds. 

Halloween Pennants fly from June through September (with stragglers into early October). They are named after the orange and brown colors. These dragonflies will be long gone before their namesake holiday rolls around. (My latest sighting is October 9th.) 

Another female Halloween Pennant. It is easy to overlook this species because they are so common, but this is really one of our most beautiful dragonflies.