Fiery Skippers are southern visitors to Ohio. Their numbers fluctuate from year to year. They have golden-orange wings with tiny black dots. 

Fiery Skippers usually show up in late summer or fall. I have a few sightings in July and August, but Fiery Skippers are far more likely to be encountered in September or October. My latest sighting is November 9th.  

Least Skippers are our smallest butterflies. You can get an idea of their tiny size by comparing this butterfly to the dandelion flower. 

Male Fiery Skippers have a distinctive two-part stigma (the two black dashes  shown here). 

Least Skippers are abundant in wet habitats: around ponds, wetlands, wet meadows, rivers, etc.

Least Skippers have a long flight period, from May to October.

This is a Fiery Skipper nectaring at Huffman Prairie.  These butterflies can turn up anywhere since they are migrants, but they especially prefer open meadows and fields with nectar flowers. 

A late season Fiery Skipper nectaring at tiny white asters.  

Least Skipper with its wings spread.