Autumn Meadowhawk

Autumn Meadowhawk resting on a park bench.  This common species flies later in the year than any other dragonfly in our area. Autumn Meadowhawks are abundant and widespread from September through November (my latest record is November 18th).

Male Autumn Meadowhawk. This species is sometimes called the Yellow-legged Meadowhawk. The legs on younger individuals are yellow, but they darken with maturity. This feature distinguishes Autumn Meadowhawks from other species of meadowhawks, which generally have black legs. Also, Autumn Meadowhawks have reduced black markings on their abdomens compared with Ruby Meadowhawks (and other look-alikes). 

Female Autumn Meadowhawk. Young females are yellow, but they turn pale reddish-brown with age. This is a very young female photographed on August 30th.

Teneral Autumn Meadowhawk at Oakes Quarry, photographed June 22, 2019. This is my personal early date for this species. Teneral Autumn Meadowhawks can be seen in late June and early July, but they are scarce for the rest of the summer. They return in force when autumn rolls around. 

Mated pair of Autumn Meadowhawks on the boardwalk at Siebenthaler Fen.

A solitary male Autumn Meadowhawk, one of the last few dragonflies of the year for me in 2020 (and every year).