Baltimore Checkerspot

Baltimore Checkerspots are uncommon and highly localized butterflies. They are found in good-quality wetlands. Their primary host plant is white turtlehead. 

Underside of a Baltimore Checkerspot. This species has bold, colorful wing patterns. These beautiful butterflies have lost a lot of habitat due to the destruction of Ohio's wetlands. 

This Baltimore Checkerspot was photographed along the Siebenthaler Fen boardwalk. The only other location where I have seen this species is Travertine Fen. (Travertine Fen is not accessible without a permit, but many interesting species can be observed on the public bike path that runs along the edge of the fen.)  

Baltimore Checkerspot against a clear blue sky at Siebenthaler Fen. This species has a very limited flight period. Baltimores usually fly from about the last week of May through the third week of June.