This is a teneral Blue Corporal dragonfly. Young males and females are brown rather than blue. Blue Corporals are one of our earliest dragonflies to emerge locally in the spring. They fly in April and May, with occasional stragglers into early June. My personal early sighting is April 15th, and my late date is June 9th. (Blue Corporals are scarce after the end of May.) 

A newly-emerged Blue Corporal, still attached to its exuvia. Photographed at Germantown MetroPark. 

Blue Corporal dragonflies are classified as endangered in Ohio. However, this status will probably be reassessed soon. Blue Corporals are rapidly expanding their presence in southwestern Ohio, and are now quite common. The individual at left was photographed at Oakes Quarry in Fairborn. 

This is another teneral Blue Corporal, hanging out at Cox Arboretum. In addition to Cox and Oakes Quarry, I have also found Blue Corporals at Germantown MetroPark, Twin Creek MetroPark, Caesar Creek, and Grant Park in Centerville. Also, in 2018, I found my first Blue Corporal at Spring Lakes Park in Bellbrook. This species has been spreading rapidly in the few short years that I have been watching dragonflies.