Indigo Stem Borer. I have found a few individuals at my UV lights in September. 

Ironweed Borer, one of many species in the Papaipema genus (borer moths). Ironweed Borers have lovely golden patches on their wings. 

Ironweed Borer. This is the same individual as above, but the colors are more obvious in this lighting. Attracted with UV light and photographed October 7, 2016.

Ash-tip Borer. I have found this species in late September and early October. 

Northern Burdock Borer, photographed September 5, 2017. Very similar to the species above. Many of the borer moths (genus Papaipema) are very similar in appearance. Always consult reference guides when working with this tricky genus! 

Aster Borer, photographed October 10, 2019. Notice the black "V" shape in the middle of each wing; together, these "V"s form a large black "W".