Common Buckeye

Common Buckeye on rose leaves. Despite the "Buckeye" name, this species is not a year-round resident of Ohio. It is a regular visitor from the south. 

Common Buckeye on Brazilian Verbena at Cox Arboretum. 

Common Buckeye nectaring on blue mistflowers. Buckeyes arrive in Ohio as early as June, but they are more common in September and October. My latest record of this species is November 8th.

This Common Buckeye was nectaring on late-blooming orange chrysanthemums in November. Butterflies can't afford to be picky about nectar sources this late in the year. These mums were one of the last flowers left in bloom.

A Common Buckeye pensively watches the river at Germantown MetroPark dam.

Another Common Buckeye nectaring on mums late in the season.