Male Dot-tailed Whiteface. The only place where I have found this species is at Cedar Bog near Urbana. This species is more common in northern Ohio, but the Dayton area is actually near the southern limit of its range. Historical records indicate that Dot-tailed Whitefaces used to be more common in southern Ohio than they are now. 

Female Dot-tailed Whiteface. Dot-tailed Whitefaces fly in late spring and early summer.

Female Elfin Skimmers have a wasplike appearance. Many people believe they are wasp mimics. 

Elfin Skimmers are North America's smallest dragonflies, and they are classified as an endangered species in Ohio. Elfin Skimmers are found at only a few locations in Ohio. One such location is Cedar Bog, Urbana, where this male Elfin Skimmer was photographed. You need to look very hard to see these tiny gems. (The first time I saw an Elfin Skimmer, I thought it was a "fat" damselfly because it was so small.) 

Elfin Skimmers live in bogs and fens. Their demanding habitat requirements are part of the reason why they are so scarce. 

Another female Elfin Skimmer. These tiny dragonflies can be found at Cedar Bog from late May through July, but only if you have good eyesight!

This Elfin Skimmer is obelisking (pointing his abdomen at the sun) to reduce body temperature on a hot day. 

Elfin Skimmers often perch with their wings drooping forward, like this individual

This teneral Elfin Skimmer looks dark because he is newly emerged. He has not yet developed the pale blue color of mature individuals.