Hackberry Emperor & Tawny Emperor

This is a Hackberry Emperor, resting on a post. This species is more common than the Tawny Emperor. It is found in and near wooded areas, from late May through early September. 

This Tawny Emperor is more worn and battered than the fresh individuals above. Photographed at Cox Arboretum.

This Tawny Emperor landed on my shirt while I was hiking at Sugarcreek MetroPark. Both Tawny and Hackberry Emperors seem to have "friendly" dispositions and will readily land on passing hikers. They drink salt and other minerals from human skin and perspiration.

This Tawny Emperor is basking on the side of a post, along the Cedar Bog boardwalk. These beautiful butterflies can be found from late May through early September. 

This Hackberry Emperor landed on my arm. It is challenging to juggle your camera in one hand while holding a butterfly still on the other!

This Hackberry Emperor perched on my water bottle while I was hiking at Siebenthaler Fen. This thirsty little guy looked like he was trying to figure out how to take a drink!

Tawny Emperor at Caesar Creek. Tawny Emperors are widespread, but not as common as their cousins, the Hackberry Emperors.