This is a side view of one of the Golden-winged Skimmers at Germantown. It is important to photograph the side of the thorax if possible, to distinguish this species from its close look-alike, the Needham's Skimmer. (However, Needham's Skimmers have never been documented in Ohio. They are primarily a coastal species.) 

Golden-winged Skimmers are primarily found east and south of Ohio, but we might see increased sightings of these southern dragonflies as they expand their range. They are vagrants, so they could turn up anywhere. They prefer shallow ponds and wetlands. 

Golden-winged Skimmers are very uncommon strays to our part of Ohio. I photographed two individuals at Germantown MetroPark on July 17 and July 21, 2021. These were the first Golden-winged Skimmers documented in Montgomery County, to my knowledge. 

This is a close-up of those beautiful golden wings. Photos don't do justice to this species. These are large skimmers that look strikingly neon orange in real life. Photos make them look more reddish or yellow, but in the field, they are bright neon orange.