Long Dash Skipper, photographed May 29, 2017, at Cedar Bog. This is my only sighting of this species. 

Hobomok Skipper, photographed  May 7, 2017 at Ash Cave in Hocking Hills (eastern Ohio). This species looks somewhat like a Peck's Skipper on the side, and similar to a Zabulon Skipper above. As with most skipper butterflies, it is always helpful to get photos from both angles (if the butterfly cooperates!). 

Another view of the Hobomok Skipper at Ash Cave.

This is the only Hobomok Skipper I have ever found in our area. Photographed May 22, 2018, at Germantown MetroPark. 

This is an Ocola Skipper, an uncommon stray to Ohio. Ocola Skippers have long, narrow wings with a distinctive rectangular shape. 

On the upper surface of their wings, Ocola Skippers have a notched white spot shaped like an arrowhead.

Like many uncommon migrant species, Ocola Skippers tend to turn up in late summer and fall. My sighting dates range from August 21st to October 9th. I found a few individuals each year in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The first Ocola Skipper I ever saw was at Germantown MetroPark. All of my other sightings have been at Cox Arboretum, including the individual at left. 

This is a Duke's Skipper, a large and uncommon skipper butterfly. They live in wet woods and shaded wetland habitats. I photographed this individual on June 28, 2020, at Cedar Bog near Urbana. Cedar Bog is the only place where I have found this species. 

Duke's Skippers have a long, light-colored ray on the underside of their wings. Photographed July 11, 2018, at Cedar Bog. 

Another Duke's Skipper at Cedar Bog, July 18, 2021. Duke's Skippers are noticeably larger than most of our grass-skippers.