various LOOPER MOTHS - Group #1

Soybean Looper. Similar to the Common Looper, but the bottom part of the stigma is more U-shaped. Soybean Loopers generally have more brassy colors on their wings, and there is a distinctive black dot on the outer fringe of the wing.

Gray Looper. Apparently, this species is uncommon in our area. This is my only sighting. Photographed September 15, 2014 at Cox Arboretum.

Common Looper. As the name implies, this is a very common species. I have found them every month from April through October.

Common Looper. Sometimes the stigma (the white mark) is separated into two parts (as above), and sometimes it is fused into a single mark (as at left).

Soybean Looper. I have found this species from late August through October (most of my sightings are in October). 

This Soybean Looper has beautiful brassy patches on his wings. 

Sharp-stigma Looper. Note the rectangular stigma that gives this moth its name. This southern species is a somewhat uncommon visitor to Ohio. I found a few individuals in late October 2017 and one in October 2019. 

Another Common Looper. This individual is brassier than most of the Common Loopers I have seen, making it look similar to a Soybean Looper (see below for differences).