This Northern Metalmark is nectaring on a Black-eyed Susan flower. Black-eyed Susans and butterfly weed (orange milkweed) are favorite nectar plants for Northern Metalmarks. 

Northern Metalmarks have a very limited flight period. There is only one brood per year in our area. They fly from late June to mid-July.

Northern Metalmarks are uncommon to rare butterflies. They live in small, highly localized populations. There are two populations at Cox Arboretum and Germantown MetroPark. 

Northern Metalmarks have orange wings underneath. Most species of metalmarks are tropical butterflies. Ohio has only two species: the Northern Metalmark shown on this page, and the very rare Swamp Metalmark. The latter was once thought to be extirpated from Ohio, but it was later rediscovered. 

The Northern Metalmark at left was photographed at Germantown MetroPark. I have been documenting this species at Cox Arboretum since 2012, but 2021 was the first year I have found Northern MetroParks at Germantown. Both parks have small fragments of the limestone barrens habitat that this species needs.