Peck's Skipper 

Peck's Skippers are one of our most abundant and widespread skipper species. They usually fly from May through September (with stragglers into October).

This Peck's Skipper apparently decided that my car hood would be a good place to bask in the sun.

Peck's Skipper on a daisy. These skippers are very common in meadows, prairies, and suburban gardens. 

This Peck's Skipper is perched atop an unopened thistle flower, on the Sugarcreek Reserve prairie. Peck's Skippers adore thistle blossoms (as do many species of butterflies). I have often photographed 3 or 4 Peck's Skippers nectaring together on a single thistle flower. 

Peck's Skipper nectaring on blue mistflowers at Cox Arboretum. This is a good nectar plant for butterflies in late summer and autumn. But blue mistflowers can spread rapidly in a garden unless kept under control. 

This Peck's Skipper is dwarfed by a purple coneflower.