Rainbow Bluets are somewhat uncommon in our area, other than along the Great Miami. This is typically a more northern species, and we are near the southern limit of its range in the eastern U.S. (Their range extends further south in the western plains states.) 

Rainbow Bluet. The name speaks for itself; these are some of the prettiest damselflies around. 

This Rainbow Bluet and the four below were photographed along the Great Miami River in Miamisburg and West Carrollton. 

This is a female Rainbow Bluet. They have a lot of greenish-yellow color along the sides of their abdomens. 

Another view of the female Rainbow Bluet, with its distinctive color pattern. 

The individuals at left and above were photographed at Cox Arboretum. I have seen Rainbow Bluets there on three occasions: June 21, 2015, June 2, 2017, and June 18, 2018. I haven't seen this species at Cox since 2018, and I suspect the few individuals I saw might have been strays from the Great Miami at West Carrollton. 

Rainbow Bluets fly mostly in late May and June, and also in August.