Swift Setwings are typically a species of the southern U.S., but they are expanding their range northward. They were first discovered in Ohio in 2014, at a site in Champaign County. Since then, they have been found at several other locations in Ohio. They are often found at quarry lakes and ponds. 

This teneral female and the individual at the top of the page were photographed at the original Champaign County site on July 12, 2020. The striped thorax makes this species look a little bit like a Blue Dasher. But Swift Setwings have longer and thinner abdomens, and there is a light-colored spot near the tip of the abdomen. The wingtips are dark, and Swift Setwings usually perch with their wings pointed forward. 

I found the individual at left at Spring Lakes Park in Bellbrook (Greene County), on July 17, 2016. I saw another Swift Setwing at Spring Lakes Park on July 9, 2017, in the exact same willow as his predecessor the year before! But sadly, I have not seen any Swift Setwings at Spring Lakes since 2017. The population might have died out, or the two individuals I saw might have been migrants or strays.