SHADOW Darner 

Shadow Darners are our most common mosaic darners. These dragonflies are frequently seen from late August through October. My personal early and late sightings are July 4th and November 5th. (The July sighting was unusually early for this species.) 

The photo at left and the two images above are of the same individual. I found this Shadow Darner early in the morning, perched in the prairie at Koogler Reserve in Beavercreek.

Shadow Darners are very common and widespread. The Beaver Creek Wetlands parks are a particularly good place to find them.

This is a female Shadow Darner, photographed at Jacoby Road Canoe Launch (south of Yellow Springs in Greene County). 

This is another Shadow Darner, showing the more typical blue-and-green colors of a mature individual. Photographed at Siebenthaler Fen. 

This is the same female Shadow Darner as above, shown from a different angle. She was probably fairly newly emerged, judging by the eye color and the early date (early for this species) - August 22, 2018. Also, the cerci often break off in older females, but they are intact here. 

Shadow Darner, photographed October 9, 2021, at Siebenthaler Fen. I have never been good at photographing dragonflies in flight, but I purchased a mirrorless Canon R6 camera shortly before this photo was taken, and I was very pleased with the results. I am looking forward to finally being able to get some decent flight shots in 2022 (hopefully!). 

This female Shadow Darner was photographed October 2, 2021, at Grant Park in Centerville. The cerci appear to be broken off in this older female.