SHADOW Darner and springtime darner

Shadow Darners are our most common mosaic darners. These dragonflies are commonly seen from late August through October. My personal early and late sightings are July 4th and November 5th. The July sighting was unusually early for this species; Shadow Darners are a dragonfly of late summer and autumn. 

The photo at left and the two images above are of the same individual. I found this Shadow Darner early in the morning, perched in the prairie at Koogler Reserve in Beavercreek.

This species is very common and widespread, and the Beaver Creek Wetlands parks are a particularly good place to find them.

This is a female Shadow Darner, photographed at Jacoby Road Canoe Launch (south of Yellow Springs in Greene County). 

This is another Shadow Darner, showing the more typical blue-and-green colors of a mature individual. Photographed at Siebenthaler Fen. 

This is a Springtime Darner.  It might look similar to the Shadow Darners above, but there is no overlap in their flight periods. Springtime Darners fly in April and May in our area (I've seen them as early as April 15th).  I have never seen a Shadow Darner before July (and they are more common in September and October). 

This is the same female Shadow Darner as above, shown from a different angle. She was probably fairly newly emerged, judging by the eye color and the early date (early for this species) - August 22, 2018. Also, the cerci often break off in older females, but they are intact here. 

Springtime Darners are difficult to find perched. The individual at left was perched in a tree at Spring Lakes Park in Bellbrook. The other three Springtime Darners on this page were photographed at Germantown MetroPark, resting in vegetation along the riverbank on a cloudy day. 

Here is a female Springtime Darner, resting in exposed roots along the riverbank at Germantown MetroPark. Springtime Darners can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including streams, ponds, and lakes. 

Another look at the Springtime Darner (same individual as above). In addition to Germantown MetroPark and Spring Lakes Park, I have also found these dragonflies at Twin Creek MetroPark.