springtime darner

Springtime Darners typically perch at a slight angle. They look somewhat similar to Shadow Darners, but there is no overlap in their flight periods. (I have never seen a Shadow Darner before July.) 

Springtime Darners can be difficult to find perched. The individual at left was perched in a tree at Spring Lakes Park in Bellbrook. 

Here is a female Springtime Darner, resting in exposed roots along the riverbank at Germantown MetroPark. Springtime Darners can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including streams, ponds, and lakes. 

Close-up view of a Springtime Darner, also at Germantown MetroPark. Note the dark spots at the wing bases. 

Springtime Darners often perch in low vegetation (although as noted above, they can also perch high in trees when it suits them). 

Springtime Darners fly in April and May in our area. My personal early and late sightings are April 15th and June 1st. The individual at left was already looking faded on May 30th. It was the end of the season for Springtime Darners, just when most other dragonflies were getting started.