Swamp Darners are known for their propensity to fly inside buildings, which is unusual for a dragonfly. Evidently, that is what this individual had done. I found it lying on my garage floor, deceased.

Since this Swamp Darner was deceased, I had the opportunity to get shots from many different angles. (This is useful for identifying tricky dragonfly species.)

I usually see Swamp Darners in May and June (occasionally into early July). They prefer shaded wetlands, but they are thought to be at least partially migratory and can turn up in unexpected places. The individual above and at left was photographed at Siebenthaler Fen. She is a female, ovipositing into a wet log.   

This is Ohio's largest dragonfly in terms of overall dimensions (length and wingspan). However, some heavy-bodied dragonflies (such as the Dragonhunter) can appear larger to the naked eye.

This is a different individual, which I found at Cox Arboretum on July 8, 2016. It had flown into an open-air shelter and was lying on the brick floor. Swamp Darners often have bright blue eyes in life (or in this case, recently after death).