stream cruiser AND UHLER'S SUNDRAGON

The dragonfly at left looks a lot like a Common Baskettail ... but it is actually an Uhler's Sundragon. There are tiny amber spots at the wing bases, among other minor differences. Uhler's Sundragons are rare dragonflies and classified as endangered in Ohio. I found this individual at Hocking Hills on May 13, 2018. Uhler's Sundragons are not known to occur in southwestern Ohio. 

The two dragonfly species on this page were photographed at Hocking Hills in eastern Ohio. The individual at left is a Stream Cruiser, photographed May 12, 2018. Stream Cruisers look similar to clubtails when they are flying, but they perch differently and are related to river cruiser dragonflies. The white claspers, single white stripe on the side of the thorax, and white facial stripe are all good field marks. In late May 2019, I saw a couple of Stream Cruisers at Spring Lakes Park in Bellbrook, my only local sightings to date. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any good photos of the Stream Cruisers in Bellbrook (only some blurry videos). 

Another Uhler's Sundragon, photographed May 7, 2017. I found this individual and the one above at the exact same location in Hocking Hills, almost a year apart.