Widow Skimmer

This species is one of our most abundant dragonflies. Male Widow Skimmers, like the individual at left, have pale bluish-white spots on their wings.

Female Widow Skimmers look quite different from the males. They lack the pale blue wing spots, and they have yellow stripes down the length of their abdomens. This individual is shimmering with morning dew.

This is a teneral Widow Skimmer. It had recently emerged from its exuvia at left. Photographed at Cox Arboretum on June 27, 2015.

About two hours later, the teneral Widow Skimmer finally opened its wings. The wings must dry and harden before it can fly away. 

Widow Skimmers fly continuously from mid-May through October. My personal early and late dates are May 17th and October 22nd.  

This female Widow Skimmer is a little unusual because her wings are almost completely clear. She doesn't have the typical dark patches on her wings. Photographed at Spring Lakes Park.