Moth Group #11 - Daggers, Prominents, and Other Miscellaneous Moths

Common Gluphisia

Double-lined Prominent

The Brother

Saddled Prominent

Copper Underwing

Close-banded Yellowhorn

Oval-based Prominent

Drab Prominent

Turbulent Phosphila

Angulose Prominent

Miranda Moth

Small Heterocampa

Oblique Heterocampa

Wavy-lined Heterocampa

Sympistis dinalda

Brown-collared Dart

The Laugher

Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth

 Yellowhorn Moth

Double-toothed Prominent

Chocolate Prominent

Georgian Prominent

Black-rimmed Prominent

Henry's Marsh Moth

Birch Dagger

* Retarded Dagger photographed at Shawnee State Forest (in southern Ohio). The Laugher moth, Yellowhorn moth, Chocolate Prominent, and Georgian Prominent photographed in Hocking Hills (eastern Ohio). 

Pleasant Dagger

Delightful Dagger

Robin's Carpenterworm Moth

Little Carpenterworm Moth