Moth Group #12 - Various Pyraustine Moths, Cankerworms, Phigalias, and other misc. moths

Ironweed Root Moth

Zigzag Herpetogramma

European Corn Borer

Cross-striped Cabbageworm

Garden Webworm

Hahncappsia genus

Bold-feathered Grass Moth

Melonworm Moth

Scraped Pilocrocis

Brown Scoopwing

The Alamo Moth

Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix

Pale-winged Crocidophora

Zebra Conchylodes

* Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix photographed at Shawnee State Forest (southern Ohio). Cadbury's Lichen Moth and Eyed Baileya photographed in Hocking Hills (eastern Ohio). 

Sericoplaga externalis

Skiff Moth

Arcigera Flower Moth

Dimorphic Tosale

Small Baileya

The Slowpoke

Eyed Baileya

Feeble Grass Moth

Cadbury's Lichen Moth

Purple-backed Cabbageworm